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The World of Gambling...


Press-Play! is going to change the world of cryptocurrency & the gambling industry as we know it.


Powered by our crypto-token $PP, users of the Press-Play! platform can bet on anything from

football to roulette, from e-sports tournaments to crab racing  (yes, crab racing!)  using a unique mix of smart contracts & live-action games.


We will be bringing you unique gambling opportunities straight from the heart of the betting games community! 

Simply sign in with your Metamask wallet, Press-Play! & start winning!

We have solved the biggest problem most blockchain-based projects encounter soon after launch,

failure to recover from large sell-offs from early investors.


By generating revenue from sources external to the liquidity pools, we can help ensure a healthy chart in the long-term by continuously reinvesting into the Press-Play! liquidity pools - restoring lost value & helping  the chart to return to a positive trend.

By making $PP directly purchasable by card, we can circumvent the regular awkward process of buying crypto-tokens & easily attract average consumers from outside of the altcoin market.


Press-Play! will also be available cross-chain with multiple liquidity pairs, meaning whenever there

is a price discrepancy across two currency pairings, traders will automatically stabilize the price & restore the chart as they profit from the arbitrage opportunity.

Players will also be able to stake chosen amounts of their $PP balance to gain interest, offering an extra safety net against any unfortunate unlucky streaks.

We have already secured ad revenue from various companies & will implement card payment for $PP

directly through the app, meaning purchasing tokens will have never been made easier.


We will also be making Press-Play! cards available which will allow users of the app to spend their $PP anywhere & because Press-Play! is decentralized, no one will ever have control over your funds except you.

Press-Play! is a subsidiary of CryptoBrew, a registered company operating from the UK & all team members can be contacted via most social media networks.

At Press-Play! we believe that the current platforms available for betting games are outdated & by implementing blockchain solutions & offering advice globally to people regarding responsible gambling, we can better educate gamers, allowing more financial freedom to flow for everyone.



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(Project was formerly known as Premivia during development however all references will be removed by launch. Current version of demo app may not reflect the final product - depending on the amount of time remaining until launch.)


Slots & Dice

Try your luck at the slots or play competitive dice to take other players $PP!



Texas Hold'em tables for everyone - from the smallest fishes to the biggest whales.


Black Jack

Everybody loves Blackjack!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Live Roulette

Come get to know our lovely roulette girls!

They can't wait to get to know you!